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Homemade dumplings and noodles

Traditional Beijing-Chinese cuisine

Satisfying gastronomical experience

Finding a Chinese restaurant that serves authentic Beijing cuisine in Manila is something that might prove to be a challenge for its residents. Most of what is available are mostly commercialized fare. Different restaurants offer relatively the same dishes with some variations in texture, presentation and taste. It is true that Beijing cuisine gets its inspiration from the areas that surround it. This has often been regarded as the “cuisine of the capital” because it was also the site of the Forbidden City where emperors ruled for centuries. Beijing has been able to fuse all these influences together to create dishes that it can rightfully call its own. It uses flavor notes such as salty soy sauce, sour black vinegar and chili to ward off the often times cold, windy climate.

Dumplings and noodles are the specialties of LAOBEIJING. For its dim sum section, the Xiao Long Bao is one of the most ordered items on the menu. Sampling the other dumplings both steamed and fried however should not be missed. Some unique items are the Roubing and Roujiamo. These are rarely found at a regular Chinese restaurant. The most popular type of noodles it offers is the Beef Noodle in Chili Oil. Some uncommon variations are the Hot & Sour Rice Noodle, Dandan Noodle and Koushui Chicken Noodle. The soup dishes are also quite tasty such as the Wonton Soup and Meatball Casserole.

LAOBEIJING continues the tradition of Beijing cuisine even further through its specialties. Patrons must try their Braised Beef in Soy Sauce as well as an order of Braised Pig Ear. Those who might be looking for familiar tasting Chinese dishes can satisfy their craving with some Sweet & Sour Spareribs or Rice with Chanzui Chicken. Any visit to LAOBEIJING regardless of how many times a diner has returned is only complete with an order of Zhagao.

This is the type of cuisine that LAOBEIJING can offer. It is unique and authentically Chinese. Anyone will surely be able to appreciate the selection, taste and experience that this restaurant can offer.